Who’s That Girl?

I always worry about introductions. They’re so stressful! Just a few short seconds to present yourself in a manner that the person you’re meeting will forever remember as their “first impression of you”. That’s way too much pressure for me. However, intros are necessary. Otherwise, how would we ever meet new people? We wouldn’t. And that would just be a shame. So here goes nothing:

My name is Cydney and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. I love books, movies, and fruit flavoured teas. I also enjoy sunny days, cute hats, and Instagram. In my free time (which is really non-existent during the school year) I love acting in plays and singing, as well as watching plays and listening to other people sing.

You’re probably wondering what I’m doing here and why I decided to create a blog. Well, so am I. This does seem a little out of character for me. But I guess there’s really two main reasons.

1) As I begin my studies at a local university in the area of fashion design I’m excited to share my thoughts and ideas, as well as my designs and personal style with other fashion lovers. I always love reading fashion blogs and listening to those lovely fashion and beauty gurus on youtube, so one day I figured, “Hey, why not give that a try?”.

2) Fashion is something I truly, deeply enjoy. It makes me happy. It is a hobby that God has blessed me with and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. It’s something I’m actually good at (or at least I hope so ) and something that I never grow tired of. So much so that I decided to go to school to study it and hopefully end up making a career out of it.

So, I welcome you to tag along for the ride. I promise it will be entertaining to say the least.

Thanks for taking the time to meet me. It was nice to meet you too.

Come back soon,



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