Valentines Day Lookbook

Hey everyone! Hope you’re week is going well.

Today’s post is all about valentines day!….don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming.

I’m hopping on the band wagon and dedicating a post to this lovely holiday of hearts and pink. A fashion post, to be exact. I’ve put together 4 different valentines day looks for 4 different styles. Hopefully you guys can draw some inspiration from these outfits to aid in your search for the perfect V-day look!

All of these outfits can be easily recreated with items you already have in your closet, or purchased fairly inexpensively.  This particular lookbook was meant more for inspiration, so I didn’t want to bog it down with lists of store names and prices. However, if you want to know where anything’s from, just comment below! I’m more than happy to share it with you!


Look #1: Girly

This look is for all those girls that love to look pretty in pink. This tulle skirt is so romantic. I balanced it out with a casual cream coloured sweater to tone the look down, then added a beautiful crystal bib necklace to add some sparkle! The soft pink ballet flats make the look comfy and add an effortless feel. I’d personally pair this with a top knot and a soft pink lip.

Look #2: Casual

The perfect outfit for a casual date night, this outfit starts with a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans. On top I added a cute heart printed graphic tee, then layered a black moto jacket over it to spice it up a little bit, as well as add some warmth since it is February. A cute little pair of white converse are the perfect way to finish off this look. I’d personally pair this look with some messy curls and a bright red lip.

Look #3: Edgy

I know there’s girls out there that really don’t care for all the frill and sparkles that Valentines Day brings. This look is for you. I started with this simple maroon coloured dress. The neckline has some really fun leather detailing. I added some black tights and black buckle booties to the bottom, and finished the look off with a set of leather studded hair bows. Edgy, with just a slight feminine touch. I’d love to wear this look with a side braid and a matching maroon lip.

Look #4: Glamorous

Finally, a look for all you major fashionistas out there. If you want to look glam this Valentines Day then this looks just what you need. The look is centered around a big grey fur vest. Underneath it I put a simple, white, long sleeved shirt. For bottoms I chose a pair of leather looking pants. The shoes are a pair of leather booties with a low heel. To add one last pop of glam I added a gold, chain link necklace up top. To me, this look screams big curls and bright red lips.

And there you go! I hope this post helped spark some valentines day creativity in your closet.

Have a great rest of the week, and a wonderful Valentines Day,



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