GUEST POST: How to Style a Kimono feat. The Girl

Before I begin, let me tell you a bit about myself! My pen name, The Girl, actually describes a lot about me as a fashion blogger. I am just a regular girl, but fashion gives me my sense of identity. Fashion makes me more than just ‘a girl’, it makes me ‘The Girl’.
This girl is one who is creative with her mesh-style that cannot be tied down to one set genre of style. And she wants to share her – dare I say it – passion for fashion with the world.

Getting back to the fashion world, the kimono is a trend that started in late spring, and continues to be sported by the likes of the fashionably forward and the fashionably practical. The light and airiness makes it the perfect wardrobe staple for the spring and summer!

This guide here is listing the basic different types of kimonos and how to best style them (according to my own taste and opinion, of course!). But there are a few general guides to follow depending on the type of kimono you have – yes, there are types – so that’s what I’ll be focusing on here!

Here are four basic categories of kimonos that I’ve created based on how to wear them, and defining features. We have here the long kimono, the lined kimono, the fringed kimono and the loud kimono.

1                                                   Find this collection on Polyvore here.


The long kimono can be styled in a few different ways. Here is a long kimono belted over a loose tank and leggings, using an underlying black and pastel pink colour palette. The feel of this look is definitely more of the chic, high-fashion look with a slight casual air.

For long kimonos, there are two major ways to wear them that work best: long and fitted or short and loose. This particular look uses long, fitted leggings, making for a good base for the kimono. Wearing something like a fitted midi skirt or cropped pants (note: the length of which is below the knee or right above) makes for an awkward length difference, even if your kimono is a maxi (floor-length). Wearing loose pants or a loose maxi skirt with a long kimono is too much loose going on and takes away from the kimono, and gives an unflattering shape. Long kimonos are also fun to belt as well, so you can experiment with that! Even if it’s a busy kimono, the length allows for space to be broken up with a belt.


Here’s a more bohemian look, which displays the “short and loose” way to style a long kimono.  A short and flowy dress underneath the long kimono works because it’s within the vicinity of the kimono and so you have flow concentrated within the kimono. Add some sandals, a cute crossbody satchel and a unique headpiece and this look is great for summer festivals!


The lined kimono is probably the least versatile of the kimonos. Because of its lined feature, wearing it with anything flowy, such as the dress with the long kimono, doesn’t have the same effect, because it breaks itself off from the dress rather than going with the flow of it.

So the best way to go with these kinds of kimonos is to pair it with fitted items, and more black items. Here’s how I wore one of mine! You can find the outfit details here.


Here’s an example of a more dressed up outfit with a lined kimono! It really is elegance with a dash of darling!

Fringed kimonos are not too hard to style, albeit you need to find something that works with the fringe part. Usually, going for a bohemian look is the easiest, but it is not limited to such. It depends a lot on the print and pattern of the kimono, so usually if you want to venture there it is best to follow your own judgement.


Fringed kimonos are perfect for summer festivals and the like, so here’s a look for something like that. Note, I have never been to a music festival or anything but I’ve read fashion articles about them and helped people out at work with finding festival outfits so I’ve got some know-how!

As for loud kimonos, this is a tricky one. It does ultimately depend on the colours and the pattern of the kimono, but as a general rule you want to pair it with something solid. With that being said, you can still do bold colours with a loud kimono. It’ll take a look to the next level.


Here’s how I paired one of my loud kimonos. The orange colour is incredibly bold, and here I chose to accent the white bits in the kimono with white pants and even it out with some black in the heels and purse. Another way this could be styled is with a complimentary colour, like blue pants and a white top!


This is an example of pairing a loud kimono with coloured pants – all solid tones with the kimono, but still using colour as a plus!

So that’s all of my kimono-knowledge – well, almost all. I’ve got a segment coming up on how to transition spring/summer pieces into fall, and you can bet a feature on kimonos is going to be added! I loved the opportunity to be featured, make sure to see Cydney’s post on my blog,

***A huge thanks to The girl for working on this project with me! Her blog is fabulous so be sure to go check out her awesome style!-Cydney


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