TREND ALERT: sporty chic

Friday, Friyay!

Let’s kick off this glorious weekend with a trend report, shall we?

The latest: sporty chic

Everyone from fashion bloggers to celebrities are sporting the latest trend, pairing active basics with more fashion forward items.

This is one of those trends where you either love it, or you hate it.

I’m of the variety that loves it!

I know I don’t quite have all of you on board yet, so allow me to further explain.

This trend is far more than leaving the house in the dirty running shoes you usually wear out for your morning run. It’s also not throwing on those nasty sweatpants you wear when you’re watching a movie pigging out on chips on the couch.

Think of it more as classic active wear pieces such as running shoes or a basketball jersey paired with more modern, stylish pieces to create an interestingly contrasted look. For example, we’re seeing lots of neon nikes paired with cotton dresses, or mesh basketball jerseys paired with a fitted trouser or skirt.

The thing that makes it work is the contrast between the sporty and the chic.

Take some tips from these fabulous ladies as they style the sporty chic trend perfectly:

There’s something so fresh about this look that I really admire!

What about you? Will you be lacing up the sneakers with your skirt this weekend?

Have a restful end to your week, see you soon,



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