How To: denim on denim like a pro

Being Canadian, it seems only fair that I educate myself on the anatomy of the perfect Canadian tuxedo.

Today I’m sharing with you guys my go to tips for styling denim on denim like a pro, to ensure your look is trendy, not tacky.

Tip #1: no matchy matchy

One of the most popular ways to style denim is to mix two different washes in one look. Try a light wash jean with a dark wash shirt. Or perhaps a white or pastel pair of jeans with a dark denim top.  Any way you pair it, mixing your washes always creates an on trend look.

Tip #2: Break it Down

Break up the denim by strategically placing your accessories into your look. Opt for a white tee underneath or a brown belt at your waist to break up the montage of denim, keeping you looking more modern and put together.

Tip #3: Think Outside the Denim Box

Jeans and jackets are not the end all! Denim clutches, skirts, and handbags are huge on the runways this season! Try something new to create a fashion forward denim look that is sure to keep you on top of the trends.

Will you be trying some denim on denim looks this week? I wanna see them!



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