Are You On TiZKKA?

Be Part of the Community
It’s almost Friday, so that calls for something fun!

Have you heard of TiZKKA?

TiZKKA  is the fun new way to share what you’re wearing with fashionistas from around the world.

Not only that, it provides a platform for you to connect with some of your favourite fashion bloggers and other fashion professionals and ask them your style related questions to receive almost instant feedback.

Think Instagram, minus all the duck face selfies and pictures of what people are eating, and add a lot more cool features.

It’s strictly OOTDs and collaborating with your favourite fashion influencers.

Does that not sound brilliant?

Millions of Looks

You can see which outfits are trending, which users are being featured, as well as find out where your favourite clothing items are from so you can snag them for yourself.

You can find me on TiZKKA as one of the many fashion professionals for you to interact with.

I love knowing what outfits you guys are putting together, so be sure to download the app from the app store and follow me (just search Cydney Burton, it’s super easy!). Then snap a cute picture of your outfit and post it for the TiZKKA community to see!

Share Your Looks

I want to follow as many of you as possible, so let me know when you sign up!



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