TREND ALERT: denim skirts

The amount of heat British Columbia has been receiving these past few weeks is actually unbelievable.

Of course, the only logical thing to do during such weather is lie in a lawn chair with an iced coffee drooling over Instagrams of T-Swift’s Fourth of July party (can you say #everythinggoals ?)

But for days when I actually have to get up OFF the lawn chair and be an active participant in society there’s one clothing item I’ve constantly been reaching for: my denim skirt.

Denim skirts are the latest in must have, casual summer attire.

Everyone from bloggers, to street style pros, to off duty models have been spotted wearing them, each bringing their own unique style to this hot new trend.

As I mentioned denim skirts are everywhere at the moment, so it’s super easy to snag your own. Check out some of my favourites:

Forever 21

Some really cute styles and silhouettes available here!


I love this little button up, a-line number from H&M! So sweet!


This light wash pencil skirt features zippered detailing in the back for a bit of an edgier look.

I honestly never want to take my denim skirt off.

It’s that comfy.

Why have we not been wearing these more often!?!

As always, send me your thoughts on this trend and come back soon for more!


P.S- um Taylor? If you’re already planning the guest list for your next party, I’m available. Like actually. I can bring my own swan floaty.


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