TREND ALERT: wide leg pants

The 70’s are back baby!

Whether its flared jean’s, bold prints, or peasant blouses, trends replicating styles from the 70’s have become all the rage.

The next trend to take us by storm: wide leg pants.

A wide leg pant can instantly make your look ten times more glamorous, which is why I’ve become obsessed.

Want to get the look? Watch for colour and texture.

Black and white are classics as always, while blush seems to be the newest colour of choice for this trend.

Feeling bold? A satin wide leg trouser creates a sophisticated, high fashion look that’s currently my favourite way to style this trend.

Take notes from these fashionistas as they hit the trend spot on:


In need of a pair? Be sure to check out these great finds:


Some classic options here


Stripes are a huge trend, and TOPSHOP’s got you covered


As always, a TON of variety from ASOS

What are your thoughts on this trend?

I want to know,



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