TREND ALERT: western belts

Do not be alarmed.

Western belts are not the same ones you see cowboys wearing in old western films.

They are not the ones with buckles so large you can literally see your whole reflection in them.

And they are not like the one I used to steal from my father’s closet for “cowgirl day” at school when I was younger that had a buckle so large it had a whole entire farm scene displayed on it.

Complete with cows.

A trend that started this summer and is evidently being taken with us into Fall is the western style belt.

Typically a basic belt with ornate, metallic hardware this latest accessory is less cowgirl and more “it” girl.

The perfect addition to any laid back look, the western belt is sure to be on the want lists (and waists!) of trendy gals worldwide.

Check out how these ladies worked this trend into their looks:

One of the most popular takes on this trend is the double buckle variety. The one worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez above is from B-Low the Belt. If you’re looking for an option that’s a little more wallet friendly I’ve linked some sites below to give you the same look for less:


One of my go-to places for affordable trends, there’s lots of options here!

Charlotte Russe

A few great styles here, including the Concho variation pictured above.


Some classic, clean cut options here.

I know what I’ll be sporting this weekend. What about you?



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