TREND ALERT: raw denim

As someone who’s only average at sewing (on a good day) there’s nothing I love seeing more than trendy pieces that are easy to recreate.

The latest one I’ve spotted: raw denim.

It seems that care free, frayed hems are the newest craze to sweep the fashion scene.

Visions of pants that no longer require hemming are frolicking through my mind.

And to someone that once sewed two pant legs together in fashion school, that’s kind of a big deal.

Add a couple frayed edges to your look and elevate it to instant “cool girl” status.

Not to mention the endless styling possibilities!

Already scouring the internet for your own piece of the trend? Look no further:


Call me bias, but I’ve had my eye on these 1969 True Skinny jeans for weeks now…


If you can imagine it, FOREVER 21 has made it out of denim and frayed the edges.


ASOS, back at it again with ALL the trends.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts!

I want to know your take on this trend.



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