OOTD: 87 at heart

It’s been said that you can tell a lot about a person based on how they dress on their days off.

Anyone can put in the extra effort for a special occasion or event, but what do you reach for when there’s no dress code or expectations?

Apparently, I channel the wardrobe of an 87 year old man.

An 87 year old man out for a power walk to be exact.

tee- phantom souvenirs NYC // sweater- gap // pants- h&m // sneakers- champion // bag- g21 

I do have a slight obsession with cats (and by slight I mean I have been known to choose them over some people).

I have also been known to knit scarves for my loved ones and heckle teens for being on their phones all the time (can someone PLEASE tell me when this Pokemon Go thing will end!?)

Maybe I really am 87 at heart.

Promise me someone will intervene if I start going to bed before 8 PM and stashing Splenda packets in my purse.



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