OOTD: something beautiful

I typically avoid alley ways when walking home.

Sure they may be a convenient short cut, but I’ve watched one too many scary movies and happen to know that allies are always where bad guys lurk waiting to abduct day dreaming girls such as myself.

However, I willingly broke my golden rule a few weekends ago in the pursuit of art.

The Vancouver Mural Festival is new to the city this year and has transformed the Main Street area into a street art lover’s paradise.

The city’s back allies have been converted into canvases that run the length of city blocks with murals that reach several stories into the sky.

Everything from 20 ft tall peacocks to alien abductions grace the back walls of thrift stores, coffee shops and restaurants.

dress- forever 21 // tee- gap // shoes- vans // necklace- stella and dot // bag- forever 21 // sunglasses- quay australia 

I’m starting to think back allies get a bad rep.

I’m not endorsing wandering through your city’s back streets, but you may want to to take a second look at places you usually write off.

You never know, you might find something beautiful.




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