OOTD: perks

I’ve only lived with my dear Juliet for six and a half months, but I can honestly say they have been some of the most exciting, adventurous, eye opening months of my life.

Sharing an apartment with a roommate who also doubles as your best friend has a lot of perks.

Take some of these, for example:

-Although our closets are physically separated, we literally share all our clothes (I’m talking everything from coats to socks. “What’s mine is yours” strongly applies here).

-Being two fashion minded individuals, there’s always an expert second opinion on hand when it comes to selecting outfits. Having known each other for nearly three years now it’s also safe to say we don’t sugar coat the truth ( the phrase “You look like a sheep” has actually been tossed around when getting dressed for an outing. To this day I do not know if this was a positive or a negative remark).

-Having completed  a fashion design program together sewing is a skill we’ve refined to an art. Repairs and DIY projects are a piece of cake for two people that are used to producing a runway collection in two months. Not to mention, there’s a lot of those projects lying around the house…

Cue these pants from Juliet’s grad runway collection that just happen to fit me perfectly.

jacket- ZARA // pants- designed by Juliet // shirt- phantom souvenirs NYC // bag- alie express // sneakers- old navy 

Coincidence? Fate?

I think we were destined to live together, if only to make the world a more fashionable place (the world might be presumptuous…our street perhaps? We’ve at least improved the  overall style of our apartment building. This I can guarantee).

Needless to say, today’s outfit is brought to you by my fashionable roommate and her latest work.

Here’s to half a year of cramming our vast closets and 500 pairs of shoes into one tiny apartment together.

We’ve got a good thing going on.



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