OOTD: something old, something new.

I was recently walking through my work place only to stumble upon a group of coworkers and discover that I was the topic of conversation.

Or should I say, my clothes were.

It was decided that the best word to describe my aesthetic would be “eclectic”

At first I was in complete and utter denial.

But the more I think about it, the more I’m falling in love with this “eclectic” persona.

Pair a fast fashion skirt with a thrifted jacket, or a re-purposed dress from Grandma with this season’s latest Steve Madden boots.

High end meets refurbished.

Old meets new.

A well worn pair of gingham trousers from the Rag Machine meets a new intergalactic hair style fit for my spunky, space princess alter ego.

pants- the rag machine // top- brandy melville // shoes- topshop // bag-winners // hair- Natalie Ouellet @ BRUSH salon

Yes, perhaps eclectic is exactly what I wear.

A passionately curated collection of well loved classics fused with bold new ideas.




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