OOTD: something new

I love routine.

In fact, I pride myself on it.

I have my morning routine down to a tee. At 9:45 I’m out the door, lipstick on and coffee mug in tow.

But since moving to a part of town with a slightly slower pace I’ve been trying something new, and it’s made me appreciate a life without a perfectly planned schedule a little bit more…





dress- gap // belt bag- ardene // shoes- vans kids // hat – aritzia 

Don’t get me wrong, schedules are great, but have you ever tried doing something just for the heck of it? Just because you want to?

No list writing, calendar cross referencing or reminder setting compares to feeling something in the moment simply because it brings you joy.

Go for the spur of the moment run when it’s sunny. Stop and drink your coffee on the cafe patio instead of bustling off to the next thing. Go to the park by yourself and read a book on the grass.

Maybe something else will have to take a back seat, or you’ll have to change tomorrow’s routine to get things done, but you’ll have taken a moment to simply enjoy.

And enjoying the simple things is just as important as getting to work on time (with lipstick and coffee).




OOTD: a lesson in layering

Spring has sprung (or so they say), but Vancouver seems to be unsure of exactly how to feel at the moment.

Rain one day, sunshine and butterflies the next.

What’s a girl to do?

Cue the art of transitional layering.


A denim jacket here, a pair of gucci-esque yet entirely waterproof combat boots there, and you’ve got an outfit that’s ready for whatever mood Vancity seems to be in that day.

sweater-GAP men // dress- borrowed from Grandma // jacket- the rag machine // bag- forever 21 // boots – weather proof 


So until Vancouver decides whether or not Spring is here to stay: floral dress, meet denim jacket.

You two are going to become very good friends.


OOTD: what would Cher wear?

If I could be any movie character for a day I would choose Cher Horwitz from Clueless in a heart beat.

Not only would I obtain her vast closet full of every teenage girl from the 90’s plaid dreams, I’d be able to use all her hilariously blunt one liners (which is the real reason I want to be her, lets be honest).

What would Cher Horowitz wear in 2017? I’m thinking a little something like this:




dress- the rag machine // bag- miniso // boots- steve madden // beret- amazon 


Now all I need is a speedy Jeep Wrangler and a hopelessly romantic love interest.

Currently accepting applications for the latter.


OOTD: your fall secret weapon ft. Aurate 

How often do you pull out your summer pieces during the Fall and Winter?

I used to be a firm believer in separating the two wardrobes, but I’ve changed my ways (and you should too)!

Your ultimate secret weapon this Fall season? Those Summer dresses you’ve been hiding from yourself since August.

Here’s how I take my Summer dresses from day trips to the park to lattes in the city:


dress- the rag machine // sweater- GAP men’s      // shoes- Gap // bag- miniso

Rule number one? Opt for darker colouring into the cooler weather. I snagged this dress from my local thrift for a great price since people tend to neglect the lightweight dresses this time of year. The orange, cream and black colouring bring on all the fall feels.

Layers are your best friend when trying to bring a more autumnal feel to your look. Pair a knit sweater with a flowy dress to not only add structure, but also up that cozy factor majorly.

Finally, it’s all in the accessories. A faux leather cross body bag and a pair of “borrowed from the boys” loafers make this look perfect for a fall walk into town.  The tiniest addition of some sparkly gold details on my fingers give this dress a new lease on life.

My go-to for gold details has been Aurate, as of late. I’ve been paroozing the pages of their site and I’ve got a major girl crush on their soft, feminine aesthetic. Shop some of my favourites like this sweet little ring or this classically chic collar.


Aurate’s Black Stone Necklace and Diamond Bezel Ring .

Not only are Aurate’s pieces perfect for transitioning your warm weather pieces, they come fair and sustainable. All of Aurate’s pieces are made in New York and sourced ethically, allowing you to feel good about looking good. Read more about their revolutionary business approach (and the mega chic girl bosses who started it all) here.

What are you waiting for? Go haul those sun dresses out of storage and let the Fall fun begin.


*this post was made in collabortion with Aurate New York.

OOTD: something old, something new.

I was recently walking through my work place only to stumble upon a group of coworkers and discover that I was the topic of conversation.

Or should I say, my clothes were.

It was decided that the best word to describe my aesthetic would be “eclectic”

At first I was in complete and utter denial.

But the more I think about it, the more I’m falling in love with this “eclectic” persona.

Pair a fast fashion skirt with a thrifted jacket, or a re-purposed dress from Grandma with this season’s latest Steve Madden boots.

High end meets refurbished.

Old meets new.

A well worn pair of gingham trousers from the Rag Machine meets a new intergalactic hair style fit for my spunky, space princess alter ego.

pants- the rag machine // top- brandy melville // shoes- topshop // bag-winners // hair- Natalie Ouellet @ BRUSH salon

Yes, perhaps eclectic is exactly what I wear.

A passionately curated collection of well loved classics fused with bold new ideas.



OOTD: the island life

Humour me for a moment and let’s pretend I live in one of these quaint little villas, right by the beach.

I would only wear vintage skirts and straw hats and every morning would consist of breakfast on the patio.

Afternoons would be spent at the farmer’s market with wicker baskets full of pineapple and tropical lillies.

Finally, the day would end with an evening spent in my hammock in the yard (complete with white picket fence).


top- banana republic factory // skirt- second hand( thanks Grandma!) // flats- george // hat- aritzia 

Nothing says summer quite like the beach side life, but tomorrow I’m off to somewhere new (and a little less tropical)!

See you soon,


OOTD: a jean that can do both

I tend to go through phases with fashion.

Perhaps, trends is a more fitting word.

The truth is, I like to try a little bit of everything, and because of that I tend to get bored and need something fresh in my look.

Denim is a tried and true wardrobe staple, but this year the trends never seem to stop, with washes, detailing and distressing coming in all shapes and sizes.

Enter, these jeans from Gap.

A little bit of light wash, a little bit of medium wash, these jeans can satisfy even the most antsy of fashionistas by combining the best of both worlds.


jeans- gap // coat- old navy (and a steal of a deal!) // top- hollister // boots- topshop

Plus a distressed hem?

These babies had me at hello.