OOTD: something old, something new.

I was recently walking through my work place only to stumble upon a group of coworkers and discover that I was the topic of conversation.

Or should I say, my clothes were.

It was decided that the best word to describe my aesthetic would be “eclectic”

At first I was in complete and utter denial.

But the more I think about it, the more I’m falling in love with this “eclectic” persona.

Pair a fast fashion skirt with a thrifted jacket, or a re-purposed dress from Grandma with this season’s latest Steve Madden boots.

High end meets refurbished.

Old meets new.

A well worn pair of gingham trousers from the Rag Machine meets a new intergalactic hair style fit for my spunky, space princess alter ego.

pants- the rag machine // top- brandy melville // shoes- topshop // bag-winners // hair- Natalie Ouellet @ BRUSH salon

Yes, perhaps eclectic is exactly what I wear.

A passionately curated collection of well loved classics fused with bold new ideas.




OOTD: the island life

Humour me for a moment and let’s pretend I live in one of these quaint little villas, right by the beach.

I would only wear vintage skirts and straw hats and every morning would consist of breakfast on the patio.

Afternoons would be spent at the farmer’s market with wicker baskets full of pineapple and tropical lillies.

Finally, the day would end with an evening spent in my hammock in the yard (complete with white picket fence).

top- banana republic factory // skirt- second hand( thanks Grandma!) // flats- george // hat- aritzia 

Nothing says summer quite like the beach side life, but tomorrow I’m off to somewhere new (and a little less tropical)!

See you soon,


OOTD: something borrowed

I’ll be the first to admit I’m an old lady at heart.

This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time, that you’ll catch me wearing outfits reminiscent of your grandma.

I like to think I add a slightly more modern flair, but I suppose that’s for you to decide.

dress- second hand // jacket- the rag machine thrift // boots- steve madden

Recently my grandmother cleared out some of her old pieces, and for a second hand lover such as myself, it was a field day.

This midi-length, floral number was among numerous pieces I received, and after some slight alterations it’s quickly become my new Spring uniform.

Bring on the beach days and picnics, this dress is ready for a second wind a la 2017.









OOTD: a jean that can do both

I tend to go through phases with fashion.

Perhaps, trends is a more fitting word.

The truth is, I like to try a little bit of everything, and because of that I tend to get bored and need something fresh in my look.

Denim is a tried and true wardrobe staple, but this year the trends never seem to stop, with washes, detailing and distressing coming in all shapes and sizes.

Enter, these jeans from Gap.

A little bit of light wash, a little bit of medium wash, these jeans can satisfy even the most antsy of fashionistas by combining the best of both worlds.

jeans- gap // coat- old navy (and a steal of a deal!) // top- hollister // boots- topshop

Plus a distressed hem?

These babies had me at hello.


OOTD: a girl’s best friend

This just in: faux sheerling coats are a girl’s best friend.

Sure diamonds are nice, but you havn’t experienced joy until you’ve felt the warm hug of a sheep-esque coat on a chilly winter’s day.

Great for cuddling, easy going and constantly making you feel fabulous; what more could a girl want in a best friend?

top- winners // coat- Glamorous // jeans- gap // boots- boohoo 

Currently accepting name suggestions for my new found partner in crime.


OOTD: perks

I’ve only lived with my dear Juliet for six and a half months, but I can honestly say they have been some of the most exciting, adventurous, eye opening months of my life.

Sharing an apartment with a roommate who also doubles as your best friend has a lot of perks.

Take some of these, for example:

-Although our closets are physically separated, we literally share all our clothes (I’m talking everything from coats to socks. “What’s mine is yours” strongly applies here).

-Being two fashion minded individuals, there’s always an expert second opinion on hand when it comes to selecting outfits. Having known each other for nearly three years now it’s also safe to say we don’t sugar coat the truth ( the phrase “You look like a sheep” has actually been tossed around when getting dressed for an outing. To this day I do not know if this was a positive or a negative remark).

-Having completed  a fashion design program together sewing is a skill we’ve refined to an art. Repairs and DIY projects are a piece of cake for two people that are used to producing a runway collection in two months. Not to mention, there’s a lot of those projects lying around the house…

Cue these pants from Juliet’s grad runway collection that just happen to fit me perfectly.

jacket- ZARA // pants- designed by Juliet // shirt- phantom souvenirs NYC // bag- alie express // sneakers- old navy 

Coincidence? Fate?

I think we were destined to live together, if only to make the world a more fashionable place (the world might be presumptuous…our street perhaps? We’ve at least improved the  overall style of our apartment building. This I can guarantee).

Needless to say, today’s outfit is brought to you by my fashionable roommate and her latest work.

Here’s to half a year of cramming our vast closets and 500 pairs of shoes into one tiny apartment together.

We’ve got a good thing going on.


OOTD: kitten heels (VFW day 6)

It seems Vancouver Fashion Week comes and goes faster and faster each season, leaving us with visions of elaborate runway creations and already counting down the days until next season.

This year was no exception with the festivities coming to a close faster than I could strap into my fluffy little heels.


dress- designed by Cydney  // Shoes- G21 (with a little added pizazz from yours truly) // bag- forever 21

Fashionistas from far and wide came to celebrate another season of new fashion, and Vancouver was kind enough to hold off on the rain long enough for us to look chic while doing so.

My fluffy little kitten heels are ever so grateful there weren’t any puddles to tread through.

Let’s just say they’re not quite water resistant.

Here’s to a fabulous show VFW. See you next season!


OOTD: something beautiful

I typically avoid alley ways when walking home.

Sure they may be a convenient short cut, but I’ve watched one too many scary movies and happen to know that allies are always where bad guys lurk waiting to abduct day dreaming girls such as myself.

However, I willingly broke my golden rule a few weekends ago in the pursuit of art.

The Vancouver Mural Festival is new to the city this year and has transformed the Main Street area into a street art lover’s paradise.

The city’s back allies have been converted into canvases that run the length of city blocks with murals that reach several stories into the sky.

Everything from 20 ft tall peacocks to alien abductions grace the back walls of thrift stores, coffee shops and restaurants.

dress- forever 21 // tee- gap // shoes- vans // necklace- stella and dot // bag- forever 21 // sunglasses- quay australia 

I’m starting to think back allies get a bad rep.

I’m not endorsing wandering through your city’s back streets, but you may want to to take a second look at places you usually write off.

You never know, you might find something beautiful.



OOTD: 87 at heart

It’s been said that you can tell a lot about a person based on how they dress on their days off.

Anyone can put in the extra effort for a special occasion or event, but what do you reach for when there’s no dress code or expectations?

Apparently, I channel the wardrobe of an 87 year old man.

An 87 year old man out for a power walk to be exact.

tee- phantom souvenirs NYC // sweater- gap // pants- h&m // sneakers- champion // bag- g21 

I do have a slight obsession with cats (and by slight I mean I have been known to choose them over some people).

I have also been known to knit scarves for my loved ones and heckle teens for being on their phones all the time (can someone PLEASE tell me when this Pokemon Go thing will end!?)

Maybe I really am 87 at heart.

Promise me someone will intervene if I start going to bed before 8 PM and stashing Splenda packets in my purse.


OOTD: in tribute

I’m a firm believer in birthdays.

A special day designed to celebrate how happy you are to have someone with you in this world isn’t something to be neglected in my books.

As readers you may not be aware, but I have a lot of quirks (to put it mildly).

As my roommate, Juliet has to put up with 100% of them all. the. time.

Did you know I sing in the shower (hella loud)?

Juliet does.

Did you know I can go through a week’s worth of groceries in a day?

Juliet does.

Did you know I wear 1000 different pairs of shoes in a week and leave them all right beside the front door so every single person that comes over trips over them when they walk in?

Juliet does.

Needless to say, Juliet deserves to be celebrated a lot more than just one day.

top- GAP // pants- H&M // jacket- forever 21 // shoes- g21 // bag- forever 21

If you asked me what Juliet’s signature look is I’d have to say black.

Because she’s the baddest Mama around, she can rock it 365 days a year.

So today’s look is in tribute to Juliet.

Thanks for not hating me/kicking me out of the apartment.

Love you (;