The vintage jewelry box of your dreams comes to life in the newest variety available with By The Sun Collective. Rich turquoise and perfectly worn metals transition from sun dresses in the palm leaves to your favourite little black dress. For every soul there’s the perfect By The Sun  piece just waiting to be discovered. So why waste a moment?  Your newest Summer staple awaits…


This shoot was curated exclusivley for By The Sun Collective. Shop their vintage looks through instagram @bythesuncollective.

Photographed by Emmanuel Etti 

Hair and Makeup: Louisa Murdocco

Model: JADIE

Wardrobe: Styled by Cydney


Sorry, Mom.

Today’s the day you call your Mom to apologize for all those times you made fun of her fanny pack in the 90’s.

That’s right, the nylon bag that you always cringe at in family vacation photos is back with a vengeance (and a slight upgrade, never fear).

The belt bag is on the waist of fashion’s finest this season, and it’s taken a much sleeker, fashion forward approach this time around.

Picture leather, texture, and a whole new colour palette, making this accessory a welcome addition to our transitioning wardrobes.

It was love at first sight for the belt bag and I (the more free hands you have, the more coffees you can hold. Am I right ladies?).

Taste the freedom of hands free fashion for yourself:

Forever 21

The ultimate stop for nabbing an “of the moment” piece without the heavy price tag (somebody buy the plaid one, please!).

Urban Outfitters

Lots of colour and texture here, plus some more athleisure vibes if that’s your thing.


Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the “bum bag” that ASOS offers.

Purses with handles just don’t feel the same now that I’ve crossed over to the dark side.

Join me, why don’t you?





Monday Moments 02.19.18

Just a little peak into my previous week, moment by moment.

02.13.18- Cydney’s a little tied up at the moment. Can I take a message?
IMG_1561 (1)
02.15.18- 7:28 at the Ramen Butcher.
IMG_1568 (1)
02.15.18-Another lovely evening at the Catfe with Marmalade the kitty model.


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February Mood Board

February 18 Mood Board

As January comes to a close I have my eyes set on Spring. I start the transition early with soft pink shades, blush flowers and a hint of sparkle and shine. Visions of edgy yet romantic looks that define my idea of urban romance fill my mind. Leather layered over sheer blouses and textural loafers are a go to look. Velvet and metallics are a must have in my wardrobe. I anticipate the sunnier days and cool, Spring breeze in my hair. 



Dress Me Like One of Your French Girls.

As if we needed another reason to adore Parisian style, the latest trend to take us by storm is sent straight from the minds of Paris’s most fashionable street style starlettes.

The beret is making a come back, ladies and gents, and you don’t need to parler francais to get your hands on one.

Ready to channel your inner mademoiselle? Shop the look here:

Urban Outfitters

Colour, print. If you can name it, Urban Outfitters has it.


Every beret your inner french girl could ever desire.


Some styles especially for men too! Beret’s for all!

The perfect way to add a pop of colour to your look while disguising your Saturday morning bed head all at the same time.

What more could a gal ask for?

If you need me, I’ll be freshening up on my french (beret in tow, of course).



A trend you can actually use.

It happens to the best of us: deciding whether to choose an outfit that looks good versus something that will function practically for the weather.

Avid trend watchers rejoice, this Winter’s latest must-have is the perfect mix of both.

The popularity of the Puffer Jacket is growing at a rapid pace, and you won’t have to freeze your tail off to jump on the band wagon.

The puffier the better with this trend, as massive, fluffy silhouettes trickle down from high end brands like Balenciaga and Balmain.

Colour also plays a big role with this trend, namely bright red and orange hues.

Thinking of cozying up to this look? Find your own fluffy friend here:


A reasonably priced pink number here (these guys have even more colour options in stores, and they’re on sale)!


You can wear a different puffer everyday with all these options from TOPSHOP.


Some vintage vibes here (plus a ton of different colour ways and lengths to choose from).


Turns out you really can have it all. At least in terms of looking and feeling your best.

Stay cozy, friends.



Monday Moments 11.20.17

Just a little peak into my previous week, moment by moment.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
7.14.17- the Vancouver public library comes alive at night.
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
11.16.17-a rainy day look at Granville Island.
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
11.17.17- unexpected thunder storms call for late night dinners at cozy ramen spots.
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
11.17.17- a slightly different view than usual.

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